I did an illustration celebrating Ghostbusters a while back which I've always wanted to get printed.  So when Gallery1988 asked me to contribute to a comedian-themed gallery show, I thought why not pull that out of the archives and see it on paper?!

Bill Murray'e performance as Peter Venkman having a slimy run-in with everyone's favorite ghostly glutton was a great moment for me as a child. "I feel so funky."

Especially since Zuul scared the ecto cooler out of me.

Here's a little process gif showing how I built an early version of the illustration. I ended up making Slimer's head more rounded, along with other small details.

Here's Mama's Sauce gettin' those colors right. They slimed it good.

My copies are limited, but they are in the shop!

Posted on March 11, 2015 .